Video Message – Cricket Can Be Watched On Mobile Phones

The Indian Premiere League, popularly known as IPL, has swept the country of its feet since the time it started in 2007. Initiated by the BCCI or Board of Control for Cricket in India, the 20-20 cricket format drew in a number of audiences. While a lot of people could not make out time to watch matches due to the long duration of the game, the shortened format has attracted people more than ever.

Popularity of the game

Indian Premiere League has gained popularity not only because of the format but also for a number of other factors. The different Indian states contest against each other along with players from all over the world. Again, some people always wondered how one Indian player would play against another. For instance, how would it be to see Irfan Pathan bowling to Sachin Tendulkar? This curiosity has made this new concept of the game a hit. Especially at the very first session of the IPL, people saw a merger of entertainment and cricket.

A mixture of Bollywood and Cricket

As the hottest Bollywood stars came together with the cricketers across the world, and cheer girls brightening up the mood of everyone in the field and off it too, Indians got to witness and cherish a new sort of cricket. Colours, theme music of each team, websites of each team together made it an excellent cocktail for the cricket lovers. This year, this is the fifth session of IPL and the excitement of this form of game remains no less than when it had started first ipl prediction kkr vs csk.

Yet people lack the time to watch matches

However, people who are employed find it tough to catch the match even if the format has been shortened. Life has become busy and there is not much to be done about it. The luxury of 9 to 5 jobs is gone. In the private sector, people spend a minimum of 9 to 12 hours working. With such long working hours and with the matches being scheduled two in a day, the viewers find no time to watch the matches. Some companies do have televisions where one might watch the matches, but it is not possible to watch all the matches during office hours.

Video message can broadcast the clips of matches on one’s mobile

The new technology of video message sending system can now be used to watch clips of matches. The most interesting parts of the matches can be received on one’s mobile by subscribing to it. Not only is that limited to only some clips, users can also send and receive a complete match through video SMS.

The matches or the clips of the matches can be seen by a process of streaming on any mobile phones, tablets or even computers that has internet connectivity. The video message reaches the mobile device or mail box containing a simple link. Clicking on the link will stream the video immediately.

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