Know Your PSP Firmware Version Then Load It Up

Let’s Do It

As of this writing the latest version of firmware for the PSP is Version 3.75. So here is what you do: Power up the PSP console; navigate to Settings (on the far left); now look for “System Setting” and hit “X”; next look for “System Information” and press “X” again; your PSP is now displaying the “System Software Version.” Good information to know and easy to get.

Now It Time To Load It Up

OK, now you know the firmware version on your console and you want to start adding music, videos and photos to your PSP. Here’s how to do it.

First you need to get everything ready to go. You may want to create some folders on your computer’s hard drive and populate them with all the files (MP3, MP4, JPEG) you plan to load on to your PSP. So what do you need: your PSP, a USB cable, one or more memory sticks and an internet connection.

Now insert the stick into the left side memory stick slot. You may want to purchase a high capacity stick – the more memory the more files you can load up. Now get out your USB cable. The PSP side of the cable has the small connector and the computer side has the larger standard USB connector. Plug them in, turn on the PSP and computer and we are ready to go.

Go to the home menu on the PSP and scroll to the “Settings” icon. Look for the “USB Connection” icon then press the X button. The PSP will then display “USB Mode” and the computer will recognize the PSP as a USB removable storage device.

Go to your computer and click on Windows Explorer. Navigate to My Computer and then to the removable drive which might have a drive letter of D: E: or F: . Now we need to create some folders on the stick. First create a folder called “PSP” on the PSP memory stick if one isn’t already there. There should also be a folder called “MP_ROOT” and it’s not inside the “PSP” folder wiko lenny firmware flash file.

Great, now we’ll create some folders for the files you plan to load on to your PSP. Open the “PSP” folder. Create folders called “PHOTO” and “MUSIC” inside the “PSP” folder. Now go to the “MP_ROOT” folder – there should be a folder called “100MNV01” inside the folder. If not, create the “100MV01” folder.

Now’s the time to load up your PSP with your tunes, videos and pictures. If you haven’t downloaded any games, video or song from the internet, do it now. There’s a ton of sites out there. OK, open the file(s) you created on your computer to hold the pictures you want to load into the PSP. All your have to do is drag and drop the picture files onto the PSP folders just as you would files onto folders on your computer. Image files (with .jpeg, .tiff, .gif, .png and .bmp extensions) go into the “PHOTO” folder, audio files (MP3, ATRAC3plus, MP4, .WAV and .WMA) go in the “MUSIC” folder, and video files (MPEG-4, MP4/AVC) go in the “100MNV01” folder which is inside the MP_ROOT folder.

When you’re finished loading up your PSP disconnect it from the computer by first clicking on “Safely Remove Hardware” button on the bottom menu bar of your PC, or by “ejecting” the drive on the Mac. Now unplug the USB cable and press the circle button to return to the home menu.

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