Benefits of Blackberries – Nature’s Delicious Fat Burner!

Discover the incredible weight loss benefits of blackberries, how to best prepare them and how much you should eat to get maximum benefit from blackberries – one of nature’s amazing fat burning foods.

Blackberries are found around the globe. They are known by a few other names such as bramble berries, brumblekites and lavers. There are two distinct varieties — the North American and European — with the North American types ripening very early in the summer. The majority of blackberries have thorns; there are, however, recent versions without thorns. Among the hybrids of blackberries you will find loganberries, boysenberries and, the lesser well known, ollalieberries. These berries are less sweet than those usually used in pies.

The months from July to the start of October is the time to grow blackberries. Their color runs from dark purple to black; you can even find some that are yellow, dark red or blue! They are long and thin and have hard seeds. They grow in clusters and have distinct white blooming flowers. The bushes that produce blackberries are known as brambles. These bushes are capable of existing for 15 to 20 years. Consider this as a standard: the darker the color, the fruit is that much sweeter. They are very delicious berries.

Weight Control Benefits of Blackberries

The USDA says that a single cup of blackberries (weighing nearly 140 grams) has only about 62 calories. This amount will give you 50% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C, as well as 32% fiber, 9% folic acid, 5% iron and 4% calcium.

Blackberries contain a lot of antioxidants, natural elements discovered in plants, which protect the human body by using free radical neutralization. Blackberries benefit your immune system, retard the aging process, and assist in improving memory and coordination along with motor skills and balance.

Blackberries are high in potassium content — which helps control blood pressure; they are rich in Vitamins A and C, both of which boost your metabolism; and, they have the added benefit of almost 46 mg of calcium per cup serving.

Blackberries are considered a low glycemic carbohydrate so you can have as many as you want without worrying about of spiking your insulin levels. This is due to the fact that they only convert into sugar in your body at a very slowly rate. This is why they are a good food to burn fat.

How To Prepare Blackberries

Blackberries can be eaten raw for the best nutrition and fat burning power. The best ones are organic criolipólise preço.

Because they have a brief shelf life, you should only purchase an amount that you will eat in a few days if you desire them to be very fresh. Another idea is to freeze them. Leave blackberries unwashed until it is time to eat them. If you rinse them and place them in the refrigerator, they will spoil quicker. One note of caution here: if you want to freeze blackberries, be sure to wash them and get them into the freezer as quickly as possible.

Even though blackberries don’t spoil as fast as blueberries or strawberries, even in the best situation they will only stay fresh for approximately one week in the refrigerator. If you leave them on the table at room temperature, mold will develop on them very soon. For freezing, rinse the berries, snip off the hulls and place the fruit in a zippered plastic bag (be sure to squeeze as much air as possible), and put it in the freezer.

Blackberries are delicious when eaten alone, however you can also combine them with yogurt for a tasty treat. Use blackberries and soy milk to make smoothies. Protein powder can also be mixed in for an extra boost. If you want to add a hint of something special to your salads, add blackberries!

You will also enjoy them juiced, baked in pies, and as jellies or jams. You can even use them as a marinade with organic meats and poultry. They can be dehydrated, or mixed with a whole grain or granola for a tasty snack.

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