Sharks Are Worth Saving

Thirty percent of the shark and ray species are threatened or near threatened with extinction. With a very low rate of reproduction, sharks can not survive the estimated 100 million that are killed by people every year due to commercial and recreational fishing.

Sharks have roamed the oceans since before the time of dinosaurs. They have been the super predators of the sea in nearly every part of the ocean for over 420 million years. Because of humans, their long reign at the top of the ocean food chain may be coming to an end ballenas.

The onset of industrial fishing over the past sixty years has drastically depleted shark populations. The biggest reason for overfishing is shark fin soup, which has become very popular in Asian countries. Fishermen capture live sharks, cut off their fins and then dump the finless animal back into the water where it will soon suffocate or succumb to predators. Even with some recent regulations in effect, poachers continue to illegally fin millions of sharks each year.

People are learning that sharks are not the monsters that popular movies, like Jaws, made them out to be. Shark attacks on humans are rare and very few are fatal. People would be surprised at how close sharks are to them as they swim in the ocean during a day at the beach. The sharks know you are there, they are simply not interested. Knowingly and unknowingly, people swim with sharks all the time and are safe. If you stumble across a lion while taking a stroll through the jungle, you are not likely to make it out alive. Yet people see sharks as cold-blooded killers and view the lion as a magnificent beast.

A shortage of sharks would be disastrous to the health of ocean food chains, including the ones we rely on for food resources. Sharks eat the weak, sick and dead fish, keeping the populations of other fish healthy and in proper proportion for their ecosystem.

One thing many of us have in common with the octopus is that we love to eat lobster. Sharks love to dine on octopus and that keeps the octopus from overpopulating and wiping out all the lobster. Imagine going to the market and not being able to find bay scallops, lobster or any other shellfish.

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The Instagram Psychic Lie

I received a telephone call a few days ago from a distraught woman who fell prey to a psychic scammer. My blood boils whenever I hear about phoney psychics inventing new ways to cheat people. So, here’s lesson number one – never let a psychic or medium choose you. You must choose to consult a medium or a psychic.

Claire (not her real name) told me she received an intriguing message from a “psychic” through her Instagram account. The bogus intuitive sent Claire an email saying said she had seen Claire’s Instagram picture and felt such “strong vibes buy ig live views,” she had to contact her.

The fraud said she felt Claire was surrounded by negative energy, and if she wanted to rid herself of this negativity, she needed to buy “special” crystals for $200. The crystals, the “psychic” said, would help her determine what was wrong about Claire’s picture. Claire ordered the crystals.

(Lesson number two – never buy anything to prepare for a professional reading. An honest psychic/medium will charge you for a session, and that’s it!)

During the next phone call, the shameful shaman told Claire that after examining her picture, she discovered that someone had put a curse on her because the person wanted Claire to be unhappy. However – if Claire bought “special” candles for $500, the psychic could begin “trying” to remove the curse. Unfortunately, Claire was scared into believing she needed help. She didn’t have the money readily available, and charged the purchase on her Visa.

(Lesson three – never give your credit card information over the phone!! Reputable workers use services like PayPal, or insist that clients make e-transfers through a bank.)

The scammer told Claire it would take a year to remove the curse, and she needed to pay $250 a week to ensure that the anti-curse kept working. When Claire said she didn’t have the money, the phoney said she’d help Claire out by arranging a convenient payment plan.

At that point, Claire got wise. She asked a friend who’d visited psychic mediums in the past, and gave Claire my phone number. Claire called in tears and after hearing her story, I gnashed my teeth so hard, I could’ve bitten though steel.

“I feel like I’m being scammed,” Claire said. “But she talked to me on the phone for hours, and treated me like a friend.”

Of course the con woman talked kindly like a friend, I thought. That’s how they get you to trust them.

Claire continued, “But I haven’t given her money yet to proceed with my cure.”

“Claire, you don’t need any cures,” I said. “This person you’re talking to isn’t a doctor, and you aren’t sick! No one can curse you – a ‘curse’ is nothing more than believing something outside of you is emotionally and spiritually stronger than you. Tell me – do you believe this so-called psychic is more powerful than you?”

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The Madden NFL Franchise Curse

Perhaps the most highly anticipated video game every year is the Madden NFL series from EA Sports. This renowned franchise has been a phenomenon for the past 21 years. It’s right there for the annual NFL Draft, creating shots of players on their new teams almost instantly. Television programs pitting some of the most talented Madden NFL players in tournaments are shown around the world. And people are known to come up with every excuse in the book in order to get out of work on the very day the game releases – making it as close to a national holiday as the video game industry is likely to get MUT 18 Coins.

For all the good that comes with the hype and hysteria of Madden NFL, there is a downfall to the game’s yearly release. Since Madden gave up the game’s cover appearance starting with the 1999 installment for a different annual cover athlete, that player has suffered from poor play or injury, leading to the belief that there is a Madden NFL curse.

Already, the curse of the Madden NFL series has reared its ugly head this season. For the first time in the series’ history, two players grace the cover of Madden NFL 10. Defending Super Bowl Champion safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu goes head-to-head with one of the men he covered in the big game last February, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. In the Steelers’ first game of the season against the Tennessee Titans, Polamalu suffered a medial collateral ligament sprain while blocking a field goal. He is expected to miss three-to-six weeks’ worth of action and the Cardinals should cautiously play Fitzgerald in a bubble every game.

One would imagine teams and players would have learned their lesson by now. When EA Sports comes calling, it’s probably in everybody’s best interest to decline the offer regardless of how prestigious and financially rewarding the opportunity might be. As history has shown, going on the Madden NFL cover is almost guaranteed to affect a player, and probably his team, negatively.

Notable instances of the Madden NFL curse:

2002: Second-year quarterback Daunte Culpepper graced the cover for 2002, but was only able to follow-up an NFC Championship appearance the previous year by missing the final five games of the 2001 season with a knee injury as the Vikings missed the playoffs with a 5-11 record.

2003: As the 2003 cover athlete, St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk had an ankle injury all season and failed to reach 1,000 rushing yards for the first time since 1996, while the Rams team went 7-9 and missed the playoffs.

2004: Atlanta Falcons quarterback and franchise cornerstone Michael Vick was selected for the 2004 installment of Madden NFL, but missed the entire season after suffering a fractured right fibula in a preseason game and watched his team finish with a 5-11 record.

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Cricket Cellular Phone

Cricket is the operating subsidiary of Leap Wireless International. Cricket cellular phone is a simple and affordable wireless solution offering unlimited anytime minutes within your local calling area over a high quality all digital network. As a pioneer and a market leader in providing affordable wireless services, Cricket cellular phone service has created a place where home phones and mobile phones can be the same phone. By offering customers truly unlimited anytime minutes in the Cricket calling area over a high-quality, all-digital CDMA network, there is really no reason to have another phone service Today Match Prediction.

In addition, you can personalize your Cricket cellular phone service to fit your needs by choosing from several plans that come included with features and long distance service both domestic and to Canada and Mexico for one low flat rate monthly. Other services offered by a Cricket cellular phone include text messaging (domestic and to Mexico), ringtones, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting. These services are included with some of the rate plans free of charge or are available separately for a small additional monthly fee. Cricket cellular phone is a simple and affordable wireless solution that appeals to people who need wireless service but want to avoid unreasonable and unexpected wireless hassles and bills.

A Cricket cellular phone is flexible. A Cricket cellular phone enables the purchase of a pre paid calling card plan. The infrequent users prefer a Cricket cellular phone. Cricket cellular phones are suitable for students and senior citizens. Cricket cellular phones are affordable. These phones involve no credit checks or contracts. A Cricket cellular phone is suitable for people who make unlimited local calls. Cricket cellular phones offer a service, named “Cricket Clicks”, to enhance the looks and functionality of your Cricket cellular phone.

Cricket Clicks

Cricket Clicks is a catalog of Ringtones, Games, and Information applications available on a variety of Cricket cellular phones: Kyocera Dorado, Kyocera Slider, Kyocera Koi, Audiovox 8900, Audiovox 8910, Motorola C341, Motorola E310, Motorola V262 and Motorola V265. You can browse the catalog and download applications currently available for your Cricket cellular phone.

Anyone with a Cricket Clicks-enabled phone and an activated Cricket Clicks service account can access the Cricket Clicks catalog from his or her Cricket cellular phone. It can take up to 24 hours before you can access the Cricket Clicks catalog on your Cricket cellular phone after you have activated your Cricket account. Once Cricket Clicks is activated on your Cricket cellular phone, there is no additional cost to access and browse the Cricket Clicks catalog. You will be charged if you decide to download an application to your Cricket cellular phone.

Most Games and Information applications in the Cricket Clicks catalog have two pricing options. The first option is to pay once for unlimited usage of the application for the lifetime of your Cricket cellular phone. The second option is to pay for unlimited use of the application for 30 days.

Some Games & Information applications offer a free demo for a few minutes or a whole day. Others do not offer demos. Ringtones applications let you listen to Ringtones before you purchase. The amount of applications you can store on your Cricket cellular phone depends on the size of the application and storage capability of your Cricket cellular phone. The applications available vary from phone to phone. Many of the applications are the same, but there may be some that are available on one Cricket cellular phone and not another. Generally speaking, the most popular Cricket cellular phones in the U.S. have the most applications. You can add or delete applications at any time. If you decide to delete an application, it will be removed from your Cricket cellular phone and you will be required to purchase and download the application to use it again. If you disable an application it will temporarily remove the application from Cricket cellular phone memory and you can enable again at a later time at no additional purchase cost.

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Good and Bad in Gaming

Gaming is one of the biggest hobbies and even careers in the world. People play games for fun or learning while others record videos about the games. In this article, I will focus more on gaming itself and not so much the side of how to make gaming videos. Gamers come in all different ages, genders, religions, locations and shapes. The backgrounds of people who are gamers make gaming that much more fun Onhax.

Backgrounds of gamers can play a part in the type of games that people play. There are all kinds of combinations for different categories relating to the type of games and type of gamers. You really need to look at the game’s website to get all the pertinent information prior to buying.

There are many online platforms where you can buy games from such as Steam or Humble Bundle. Those sites will give you the description, videos by the company, pictures, user and non-user tags, reviews, website, company and their social account(s). Be aware the game’s website might not show you everything you need to know. As a minimum, a gaming company will show a short sales pitch description, small amount of pictures (5 at best), one or two videos by them and their social accounts. The most they will provide is an informative description, their social accounts, user reviews and videos by them.

Let’s dive right into what is perceived as negative about gaming. The majority of the negative things about games come from the real-life people on those games, the type of games and the types of games for the wrong person. A game can be poorly made but it’s not always the case where the game itself is bad. It could be where it was the wrong type of game for the wrong person. This is where the categories come in. Maybe a game has a bit of violence. That doesn’t make it bad; it just makes it the wrong type of game for a seven year old. Or maybe you bought a puzzle game for a person who loves action type games. So the action loving person won’t enjoy it, but that doesn’t make the puzzle game bad!

The types of games are endless from nudity, drugs and alcohol, horror, gambling with money and more. These different types are wrong for youth gamers as well as wrong for people who don’t like seeing such things.

Gaming has good and bad sides just like everything else. The key is how good and bad are those sides. For example, some games have a bad side with players that like to fight a lot. This is common in games. Understand for a lot of gamers this is not a big deal; however, for youth who are new to the game or even gaming in general this can be frustrating. There are times when you want to avoid the bad sides all together. There are times when the good outweighs the bad. If this happens and there are no problems with the game itself; then the bad side is just that one little fly in your room which is no big deal. Caution: If the bad outweighs the good, I would strongly recommend avoiding that game.

Another aspect that people will nag a game developer or creator about is representation. Should I say, a lack of representation which is not limited to race, body type and message in the game. If you are able to customize your character, then of course you will not have a problem with representation. There is a problem in some games where they don’t represent strong and smart females, minority females and males, big, small, tall, and short females and males. Notice how I didn’t put “males” after female for strong? That’s because males in games are ALWAYS represented as strong and smart.

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Fulfill Your All Needs With Personal Loans

The lifestyle of urban Indian is rapidly changing. The burgeoning Indian middle class is now the target customers of the major multinationals. With the increase in disposable income in the hands of young India, changes have been noticed in the expenditure pattern. What was the luxury in the nineties, in the 21st century that becomes the necessity. With the increase of sales of brown, white and grey goods, the consumers appliances sectors is also witnessing an unprecedented growth. Needs and dreams come as a part of every-body’s life. You want to buy a refrigerator and you have to save for months to get it. You want to go for a holiday vacation, but then you don’t have enough money to reach your dream destination. You might feel the need to utilise all your savings in buying a new house and now there is nothing left for furnishing it. But nowadays financial institutions can fulfil all your needs by providing loans. Personal Loans in India alleviate most of the hassles that come with conventional loans – delay in sanctioning and disbursement, lots of paper work, necessity of a guarantor and hypothecation of the asset financed PNC Bank Personal Loans.

A personal loan is an all-purpose loan for one’s own personal use. In fact this kind of loans can be used for any legitimate purposes whatsoever. This type of loan is unique retail loan product offered by a number of banks. In India the personal loans can be of two forms – secured and unsecured. Both secured and unsecured loans are provided by banks to its esteemed customers. The main purpose of such a loan is to meet any kind of need or expenses.

There are various types of personal loans available in India. These are Festival Loans, Marriage Loans, Pension Loans, Consumer Durable Loans and Personal Computer Loans. Festival loans are a type of personal loan in which a very cheap interest rate is being offer. This cheap personal loans interest rate is very convenient to those people who want to have a small loan which they can repay early but do not want to pay interest at the exorbitant rates. This kind of loan is given from the amount of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000 and the loan is generally restricted for 12 months. Consumer durables loans are the unique loans which attracts more customers. Right from Television to Refrigerator to Music players, you can buy anything. The quantum of these kind of loans vary from bank to Bank. However, most Banks offer loans from the amount of Rs. 10000 to Rs. 100000. Marriage loans are gaining popularity nowadays in both rural and urban areas. In this kind of loan the maximum amount depends on a few criteria like repayment capacity of the borrower, security/collateral offered by the customer, age of the borrower etc. Pension loans is a term loan which is available to pensioners till the age of 70. The maximum amount of pension loan sanctioned is normally 7-10 times of the amount of last pension received. The amount is generally vary from individual to individual depending upon his repayment capacity. Finally, with the huge booming of Information Technology in India computers have replaced manual work in every sector. With the growing demands of computers the concept of Personal Computer loans have come. Under this category of loan, Banks provide a loan up to Rs 100000 for computer hardware and software. On the other side there are some banks which provides a separate software loan to a maximum of Rs. 20000.

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Learn How to Consistently Win NBA Picks Today!

Anyone who wants to make a living on NBA basketball betting should realize that it is not that easy especially if you are just new to the world of sports betting or gambling. This is because there are many things that must be watched out for in choosing the best NBA picks which is very important especially if you don’t want to end up losing in any way. Some of the things that you can do in order to get the best possible picks are:

o Be updated on the status of the player of each team. Know the latest news and happenings as well as any possible injuries and trades. Also, the condition of all the star players can play a big part in choosing any NBA picks NBA MT Coins.

o Be aware of the popularity of each team. Most of the time, the teams that are the most popular are considered to be best Nba picks not only in all of their matches for the entire season as well.

o Research on all of the possible facts and information on the team that you are betting on. This can help especially if you are having doubts on whether they are one of the best NBA picks for the game or not. Also. Make sure to look for advices from various oddsmakers and playmakers that are advisable. Often times, the predictions that these people make regarding the best picks can turn out to be true and very reliable.

o Be aware of the part of the NBA year. The good times to bet are usually in the games on the later part of the NBA season until the Finals. This is due to the fact that these are the times when the players usually give their best and all the teams are in their best possible conditions. Also, their performance in the part of the season can be a factor in knowing the best NBA picks during these times.

o Make smart bets. Place only on a limited number of teams including the ones that are considered the best picks during that time and your favorite ones. The fewer the teams that are included in your focus makes it really possible to look at them all very closely and derive your own judgments on whether they will win or not. Also, this should include knowing when to pass up on a bet especially if you are sure that you are not going to win.

o Trust your instinct. This should make up a part of your decisions. This helps it to develop to the point where it can give you reliable inputs on the best possible NBA picks that are available. Combining it with the results of the latest NBA news as well as the insights of some of the best odds that are available on the net and you can achieve a very high chance of winning all your possible bets.

Following these tips can really help a lot in choosing the best NBA picks to make your bets. Couple this with luck and watching NBA games can really become both fun and profitable.

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NBA to Offer Live Games Online

Since the league extends its television subscription package to the Internet, 40 NBA games will be available live online every week. However fans will be restricted in their ability to follow hometown teams. Indeed technology will be used to block access to local games in order to preserve television rights. Another restriction games broadcast on television nationally will not be online too.

The NBA League Pass package for a cost of $179 will give subscribers access to the regular-season games both online and through cable or satellite. However, fans can only sign up through a cable or satellite provider, and the broadband service will not be available separately. In addition the league will also offer a free ad-supported service giving fans highlights of top plays, news conferences, interviews and other coverage buy NBA 2K18 MT.

The package will be available only in the United States. Indeed another distinct service is currently designed to be sold in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Nearly 90 regular-season and playoff games will be available and most of them live. The games will have commentary in Mandarin too.

NBA was lagging behind in terms of online service. For years, baseball has been already selling Internet packages of live games including similar restriction technologies to preserve profitable television deals. Last month, the NFL also launched a service with Yahoo! Inc. to show games live on computers outside North America. College sports are also making their way online.

But NBA will use different technologies than NFL and MLB. As the NBA is selling games through cable and satellite providers, the league will block games based on the provider’s location while Baseball and football employ technologies that can pinpoint an individual’s location by checking a computer’s Internet address. That means a New York fan will have Knicks and Nets game blocked even when traveling to Los Angeles.

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The Best World of Warcraft Leveling Guides Reviewed

World of Warcraft Leveling Guides are something that almost every World of Warcraft gamer needs. You might need help on a particular area of the game, or maybe you’re the type of gamer who needs a guide all the way through to see the whole game without all the hard learning curves that some have.

I have spent a lot of time and money to find out what World of Warcraft Leveling Guides are worth it and what World of Warcraft Leveling Guides are not. There were so many of them ranging from eBay to personal websites that were set up very nicely, but as you know looks aren’t everything. I seen so many World of Warcraft Leveling Guides over time and noticed that most of them are all the same, they’re either the same basic information that you can get off of free forums, or they’re totally useless and outdated. You’d be surprised at how many people would grab anything they can find and try to sell it. Some users would have a very nice setup and nice information, but they wouldn’t update it enough to be worthwhile, or they would charge for updates Wow Power Leveling.

I also spent a lot of time looking over free and paid forums for the best and most accurate collection of World of Warcraft Leveling Guides. They were almost just as bad as the paid ones were. They contained some of the same stuff a lot of the people who sold the guides on eBay had. There were only a slim amount of forums and free sites that actually had anything worthwhile. Some of the forums you have to pay for had a good amount because it was from trusted users who paid to be there, but because of the small number of people on those boards the World of Warcraft Leveling Guides didn’t have a big enough community to get the newest info in a timely manner. Some still displayed old class guides from before certain classes were reconfigured. Most of the best forums were those that were free. They had a wide base of users that could always post the newest information.

Well I did find one site that had both the best Free and Paid World of Warcraft Leveling Guides Brian Kopp has a World of Warcraft Leveling Guide that caters to the alliance side of World of Warcraft. The guide is a complete 1-60 guide that has a detailed step by step process. It shows you every place you go and shows the x,y coordinates throughout your time in game. He also linked everyquest to make it even easier on the user. The guide has a sample that can be downloaded as well to test it out. It is very similar to another guide for the horde that is available on eBay as the seller does not have a website.

Now he also has a free section on his site that ranges from World of Warcraft Leveling Guides to World of Warcraft Gold Guides and also includes some on instances and raiding. This was among some of the best free guides that were not on a forum. Some have extreme detail and pictures and help you do whatever you want. This is the first place I’ve actually ever seen a good paid guide and free guides together.
My Conclusion:

I know this won’t help you quit your dayjob
But the question is can this World of Warcraft Leveling Guides teach you everything you need to know to do your best in World of Warcraft?
Again I have purchased nearly every World of Warcraft Leveling Guides there is available…if a person reads Brian Kopp’s 1-60 World of Warcraft Guide…and gets started….it’s quite easy to lay the foundation to being the best you can be while having fun at it.
The hardest thing World of Warcraft users face is being left behind or not having enough money to do the fun things but Brian Kopp’s guide has you covered.

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Make Gold In World of Warcraft-Is It Really That Difficult?

In many ways to Make Gold In World of Warcraft is quite difficult and is similar to in real life you will need gold or money to purchase the items that you want.

Although unlike real life there are loads of ways you can Make Gold In World of Warcraft. The most popular and somewhat dubious method to Make Gold In World of Warcraft is to buy it of a gold seller which spams the chat and mailboxes wow items.

Bear in mind though if you choose to Make Gold In World of Warcraft this way you can run the risk of getting your account banned! The better and safer ways to Make Gold In World of Warcraft is to use the auction house to sell your goods and and keep levelling your professions like skinning so you can sell animal furs!

As mentioned before the easiest method to Make Gold In World of Warcraft is buy buying it online and can be quite cheap like $1 for a gold piece. As said before if you do Make Gold In World of Warcraft like this it is against Blizzards TOC’s and you will end up with your account banned!

An over looked way to Make Gold In World of Warcraft is just to buy bigger bags this will Make Gold In World of Warcraft because the bigger your bag the more goodies it can hold and the more you can sell! You will Make Gold In World of Warcraft on the instances that you run and having a big bag then is essential!

Also the extra bags could come in useful because you could use one solely for your professions. The best professions that will Make Gold In World of Warcraft are mining and skinning as you will be able to gather up ores with mining and be able to Make Gold In World of Warcraft with skinning by selling animal skins or even making things out of the skins!

Also if you pick up anything like metal bars or bits of leather don’t discard them but sell them at an auction house has this can reap big rewards! You of course should list any rare items you find as you will Make Gold In World of Warcraft by doing this as well.

I hope you found these tips on Make Gold In World of Warcraft useful and it has made you think twice about purchasing gold online. There are other ways to Make Gold In World of Warcraft and you will probably be better of finding a good guide to find them!

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